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      Thе еffеct of corporatе social rеsponsibility practicеs on thе compеtitivе advantagе of Tеlеcom companiеs in Uganda [1]
      Time series analysis of maize flour prices in Kampala: A case study of Kampala markets [1]
      Time series analysis of reported mental health disorder cases in Uganda: Case study of Butabika Mental Referral Hospital [1]
      A time series analysis of the contribution of the poultry rearing industry to the economy of Uganda [1]
      Time series analysis of the monthly value of imports and exports for Uganda (1997 – 2017) [1]
      A time series analysis of the performance of OASIS Nurseries Limited from 2013 to 2017 [1]
      A time series analysis of the volume of petroleum products consumed in Uganda [1]
      Timeseries analysis of infant mortality due to AIDS: Case study at Mulago Hospital [1]
      Trend analysis of exchange rate in Uganda for the period (July 2016-2017) [1]
      Trend analysis of prices of petroleum products in Uganda: A case study of SHELL Uganda [1]
      Trend analysis of sales volume of motor batteries: A case study of MANTRAC (U) LTD [1]
      Utilization of antenatal care components and its impact on maternal and child health in Uganda [1]
      Willingness to pay for sanitary facilities among students of Makerere university. A case study of School of Statistics and Planning. [1]
      Women’s knowledge on the adverse effects of alcohol consumption during pregnancy on the unborn baby: A case study of Kisoro Town Council [1]