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      Carbon stocks in forested and other land cover/use types around Budongo Central Forest Reserve, western Uganda [1]
      A case study showing the socio-economic causes of sand mining and community realization of impacts along river Kafu wetland in Butema ward, Buhanika division, Hoima municipality [1]
      The challenges and opportunities of tree projects to increase on farm tree cover: the case study [of] Kyeizooba Sub County in Bushenyi District [1]
      Challenges during recruitment, selection and placement of workers in the hospitality industry amidst the COVID-19 pandemic [1]
      Challenges of managing and conserving UNESCO world heritage sites for tourism in Uganda [1]
      Characterisation and quantification of municipal solid waste as a measure towards effective solid waste management: a case study of Arua central market. [1]
      Characteristics of Teso culture for promotion of cultural tourism. [1]
      Characterization of Lake Victoria’s water quality at near-shore areas following a rise in the lake’s water level [1]
      The charcoal production value chain in Kasagama sub-county, Lyantonde district [1]
      Chemical composition of Bamboo vinegar and its effectiveness on termite attack in eucalyptus grandis and GC550 [1]
      Climate change perception and adaptation among farmers in Buhimba Sub-County [1]
      Colonization of native tree species beneath a teak plantation adjacent to Budongo forest in western Uganda [1]
      Community attitudes towards conservation in a wooded savannah of Uganda: the case of Acwali forest reserve in Kaberamaido district [1]
      Community based tourism a tool for socio-economic development in Budadiri County: A case study of Busulani Sub-county [1]
      Community participation in ecotourism development and conservation of forest resources: A case study of Mabira forest in Buikwe district [1]
      Community Participation In Tourism Activities: A Case Study Of Rwenzori Mountains National Park [1]
      Community perception and attitude towards adventure tourism: case study of white-water rafting in Jinja, Uganda [1]
      Community understanding of conserving Bimbye wetland in Kassanda district LA [1]
      Community understanding of the role of trees in Kampala City, Uganda. [1]
      Community-based mapping of ecosystem services. A case study of Nakatongoli wetland in Mityana District, Uganda [1]