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      Sanitation facilities in public places: A case study of Wakiso Town Council, Wakiso District. [1]
      Scaling up the adoption of climate resilient housing among the rural households in Teso Sub-region [1]
      Scaling up the adoption of climate resilient housing among the rural households in Teso sub-region [1]
      Selected strength properties of traded Oxytenanthera abyssinica (A. Rich.) Munro and Yushania alpina (K. Schum.) W.C.Lin (1974) bamboo in Uganda [1]
      Self-regulation, as a tool for ensuring environmental regulation compliance in the sugar manufacturing industry of Uganda: case study of sugar corporation of Uganda Limited [1]
      Sensitivity analysis of rainfall variability and its impact on coffee yield in eastern and central Uganda. [1]
      Significance of Namugabwe cave in the development of tourism around Sironko district [1]
      Social and economic contribution of tourism at Bujagali falls on the adjacent local communities. [1]
      Social and economic effects of tourism on households living adjacent to source of the Nile, Jinja [1]
      Social-economic effects of tourism on local community living around protected areas. Case study Katunguru parish, Queen Elizabeth national park in Kasese district. [1]
      Socio- economic effects of wildlife conservation and tourism in buffer zones of Kibale National Park: A case study of Bigodi sub county Kamwenge District [1]
      Socio-economic contribution,viability and sustainability of different goat breeds in Gulu District [1]
      Socio-economic effects of cultural tourism on host communities in Entanda traditional hunting and cultural experience [1]
      Socio-economic effects of ecotourism on the communities living around Budongo forest reserve [1]
      Socio-economic effects of tourism activities to the local communities in Buhoma Town Council around Bwindi Impenetrable National Park [1]
      Solid waste management at Uganda Wildlife Conservation Center Entebbe [1]
      Solid Waste Management in Kyenjojo Town Council Kyenjojo District [1]
      Species diversity of anurans in collaboratively managed forest compartments of Budongo Central Forest Reserve [1]
      Species selection and management under farmer-managed natural regeneration in Rukiga District, Kashambya Sub County [1]
      Stakeholders’ roles in eco-tourism development in Mabamba bay wetland, Wakiso district [1]