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      Patterning weaving deriving design from a Zebra creating hand woven fabrics and accessories for home decorations. [1]
      The perception in communication design towards abstract art at Margaret Trowl School of Industrial and Fine Arts in Makerere Univeraity [1]
      The performance in Jewelry making in and around Kampala city by former Bachelor of Industrial and fine arts (BIFA) students. [1]
      Personal Adoration of Jewelry by the Students [1]
      Photography as a means of visual learning and information at Margret Trowel School of Industrial and Fine Arts. [1]
      Photography at Margret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Arts. [1]
      Pimping-up for fashion shows and functions: women’s hairstyles at Mystique Beauty Salon. [1]
      Poor computer graphic designing skills among Art and design students at MTSIFA in Makerere University with reference to other higher learning tertiary institutions. [1]
      Poor performance in communication design among year one students of 2016/2017 semester one. [1]
      Popularisastion of the use of provided design machines at MTSIFA [1]
      Popularisation of the use of recycable materials in the jewelry making industry Kampala [1]
      Portraying women empowerment using the woodcut printmaking technique [1]
      The positive and negative effects caused by artworks displayed in homes in Mirembe Villas in Entebbe District. [1]
      The potential of fashion design as a character branding channel in the Ugandan music industry [1]
      Poultry farming as an inspiration to monumental sculpture [1]
      The practical approach towards the improvisation of oil painting materials among 1st year students 2018/2019. [1]
      Practice and appreciation of full garment crocheting in the fashion industry of Uganda. (A case study on the practice, diversity and appreciation of full garment crochets with the tools, materials and techniques involved) [1]
      The problem clay bodies to artists. [1]
      Processes of house painting by JUAKARI painters in Mukono District. [1]
      Production and performance of female sculpture students at Margaret trowel school of Industrial and Fine Arts. [1]