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      The study of the Gender Paradigm Shift in Weaving Practices in Busega - Lubigi [1]
      The Study of Street Art Images in fighting Covid-19 Pandemic in Uganda [1]
      A study of Techniques and Materials for Structural Textile design by craftsman at Busega. [1]
      Study of the Uganda traditional spear and shield in sculpture [1]
      A study on leather as a multifunctional material for fashionable accessories in Kampala. [1]
      A study to investigate the relevance of studio ethics for BIFA students at MTSIFA [1]
      A study towards improving the performance of female photographers in Kampala to reduce gender inequalities in Makerere university among photography art students. [1]
      The study towards the improvisation of oil colour at Magaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Art (2017-2018). [1]
      A survey into other painting materials that can be used by students at MTSIFA. [1]
      A survey investigating the effects of digital printing on screen printing [1]
      A survey of the preservation of ITESO material culture. [1]
      A survey on fashion styles at Margaret Trowel School of Industrial and Fine Art. [1]
      A survey on learning photography online during COVID-19 [1]
      A survey on the usage of digital photography in Kampala district. [1]
      Taking stock of subject matter of selected sculptures in Kampala central division. [1]
      Teaching techniques used by lecturers in oil painting to year one students of Margaret Trowell school of Industrial and Fine Art under the College of Engineering Design Art and Technology in Makerere University, Kampala. [1]
      Technology and its impact on illustration today. [1]
      The technology, tools and materials used in the making of good quality 3D Typography Posters among selected graphic designers in Kampala. [1]
      Technology: how advancements have affected photography and photojournalism students at Margaret Trowel School of Industrial and Fine Art. [1]
      To establish the exploitation frequency of relief and in the round sculpture in architectural and landscape design in MTSIFA [1]