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      Contemporary Ceramics working techniques at MTSIFA as at 2017. [1]
      A contextual analysis of the Buganda Clan Portraits along Kabaka Anjagala Road (2018_2019). [1]
      Contribution of branding stratages to business growth in Kampala: a case study of herbal companies. [1]
      Contributions and archievements of Texfad structual facility towards the development of textile industry [1]
      Corona Virus and its Effects on Art at Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Arts [1]
      COVID 19 and its impacts on the students’ performance in painting at Margaret Trowel School of Industrial and Fine Arts(MTSIFA). [1]
      Craft making and its worth to the women of Masindi Town [1]
      Creating communication awareness on the rights to education to pupils aged 5-15 years through posters [1]
      Creating positive perception towards the use of the design process to students. [1]
      Creating unique pattern designs with a sunflower inspiration [1]
      A critical study of 3d signage as an effective form of outdoor advertising in Kampala. [1]
      Critique of Ugandan market brands of beverages. [1]
      Curriculum review at MSTIFA [1]
      Deriving an inspiration from a hibiscus flower to create a dinner dress [1]
      Deriving designs from Cinnamon Leaves to make Decorative plants in restaurants around Kampala. [1]
      A descriptive research on how globalization has influenced dress code of the Ganda introduction ceremonies. [1]
      Descriptive research on the jewelry craft market in kampala. [1]
      A descriptive study of the painting activities in Kampala District along Nasser road [1]
      A descriptive study of travel and tourism photography in Uganda. [1]
      A descriptive study on how people are recycling plastic waste to make crafts in Kampala [1]