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      Sexual Debut Among Adolescent Girls in Western Uganda: Are Adolescent Girls From Poor Households More Vulnerable Than Those From Rich Households? [1]
      The significance of consultancy service to the performance of small business entities in Kampala: A case study of Pharmaceutical Center in Kampala Central Division [1]
      The social and economic factors limiting PrEP use amongst BODA BODA riders in Uganda: A case study of Wandegeya [1]
      Social and psychological factors affecting eating habits of students in Uganda. (Case study of Hoima District) [1]
      Social and Psychological Factors Affecting Eating Habits of Students in Uganda: Case Study of Hoima District [1]
      Social entrepreneurship: New models of serving the poor: A case for Kampala District [1]
      Social-Demographic Factors Associated With Under-Five Mortality in Western Uganda [1]
      The socio-demographic factors associated with gambling among the youth - A case study of Wandegeya Town [1]
      Socio-eceonomic determinants of the performance of small scale businesses in Uganda a case study of Ndeeba parish [1]
      Socio-economic determinants of household energy consumption choice among urban residents in Mbarara [1]
      Socio-Economic Factors Influencing Adoption of Market Oriented Bee Keeping in Uganda: A Case Study of Luwero District [1]
      Socioe-conomic factors influencing adoption of market oriented bee keeping in Uganda (A case study of Luwero District) [1]
      Socioeconomic conditions influencing tea production by households in Bushenyi District. A Case Study of Kyamuhunga Sub-County [1]
      Socioeconomic factors associated with postponement of sexual debut as a strategy for HIV/AIDS risk reduction in Western Uganda [1]
      Statistical analysis of factors associated with the success of youth livelihoods program in Uganda: A case study of Namayumba, Wakiso district [1]
      A statistical analysis of the effect of population growth on economic growth in Uganda [1]
      Statistical analysis of the factors influencing academic performance of undergraduate students at Makerere University: Case study - School of Economics [1]
      Statistical Analysis of the Gross Domestic Product Revenue Performance of the Airline Transport in Comparison to Road Transport in Uganda [1]
      A statistical analysis of the performance of National Water and Sewarage Corporation for the period 2007-2017 [1]
      Students' opinions on their leaders within the university: A case study of School of Statistics and Planning, Makerere University [1]