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      Activity pattern and enclosure usage of black forest cobras (Naja melanoleuca) at Uganda Reptile Village (URV), Entebbe [1]
      Adaptive strategies of Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis Niloticus L.) to changing habitat [1]
      Aflatoxin determination in traditional local brew (Malwa) [1]
      Analysis of pH and turbidity in palm oil industrial wastewater treatment using Moringa and Oleifera seed extract as a coagulant [1]
      Assessing fitness levels of Uganda Premier League soccer players using the Sparq test protocol [1]
      Assessing the potential of Azolla to boost homestead production and quality of Daucus Carota l. in Uganda [1]
      Assessing the practice of pre-exercise screening among gym goers in Kampala [1]
      Assessment of the impact of physical exercises on brain memory of children in primary schools in Kampala [1]
      An assessment of the outcome of military enforcement of Lake Victoria fisheries. A case study of Kasenyi Landing Site Study Of Kasenyi Landing Site [1]
      Augmenting vitamin C in cabbage [1]
      Auto-oxidative changes in un-refrigerated goat meat [1]
      Biocidal effects of neem and aloe vera extracts on xanthomonas campestris pv campestris in cabbage [1]
      Carbon dioxide purification from fermentation by cryogenic process and distillation process [1]
      Carbonation monitoring of a soft drink using a laboratory carbonation unit [1]
      Characterisation of time dependent flows using finite size lyapunov exponents (FSLEs) [1]
      Characterization of mosquito larval habitats in Namwiwa Sub-County, Kaliro District [1]
      Chemical adulterations of meat sold in and around Kampala [1]
      Co-digestion of cow-dung with kitchen waste for biogas production [1]
      The coagulation of turbid water using jackfruit seed extract [1]
      Compararative study on the antibacterial effect of urea on Escherichia coli and staphylococcus aureus [1]