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      Acceptance of Biodegradable Stoverpack among Retailers, Wholesalers, Processors and Consumers of Agricultural Products in Kampala and Wakiso Districts [1]
      The access of credit by rice farmers in Doho Rice Scheme, Butaleja district [1]
      Access to improved social services by vanilla farmers in Ntenjeru subcounty, Mukono district. [1]
      Adaptability assessment of cactus species (Opuntia Ficus Indica and Opuntia Stricta) to local environmental conditions in Uganda [1]
      Adaptation of climate smart technologies and impact on vanilla productivity among farmers in Wakiso district. [1]
      Adaptations to climate change and variability of smallholder farmers in Kisaikye village -Namasagali Subcounty, Kamuli district. [1]
      Addressing Multiple Challenges of Low Soil Moisture Content,yields and High Labour requirement Using Conservation Agriculture [1]
      Adoption and effects of improved tomato varieties on tomato profitability among youth farmers in Rukungiri district [1]
      Adoption of Biosecurity control measures and their effects on pig farming in Mukono District. [1]
      Adoption of fertilizer use and effect on agricultural productivity: A case of bean farmers in Central Region of Uganda [1]
      Adoption of improved maize seeds by small holder farmers in eastern division Ntungamo Municipality, western Uganda [1]
      Adoption of improved pre-harvest agricultural technology by small-holder maize farmers in Palaro sub-county, Gulu district [1]
      Adoption of post-harvest handling and management technologies among maize farmers in Iganga district [1]
      Adoption rates and effects of insect rearing by trained farmers on their farms’ productivity. [1]
      Agronomic traits and yield components of elite soybean varieties from MAKCSID and SEEDCO [1]
      (Aguet, D D 2023) Factors determining choice of agri-businesses in covid period (case of cereals, food, vegetables and fruits. (unpublished undergraduate dissertation) Makerere University, Kampala Uganda. [1]
      Analysing the value chain for maize in Kitgum district, (case study of Kitgum Municipality, Amida, and Kitgum Matidi Sub-county) [1]
      Analysis of a locative efficiency among small holder bean farmers in Uganda (UBOS data 2013/2014/15) [1]
      Analysis of Economic Losses in Piggery Farming due to African Swine Fever outbreaks: A case study on Bululu Sub County, Kalaki District [1]
      Analysis of effect of African swine fever on status of pig farming in Luwero district, Wobulenzi town council [1]