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      Traditional home garden agroforestry for household incomes, food and nutrition security in Entebbe Municipality, Wakiso District. [1]
      Tree diversity and structure in logged area and unlogged area of Budongo forest reserve focusing on N3 and nature reserve of N15. [1]
      Typologies of Tourists and the Activities they do participate in at Kavumba Recreation Center in Wakiso District [1]
      Unlocking the potential of market vendors in enhancing solid waste management in Kawempe division [1]
      The use of essential oils from eucalyptus leaves in arua and fort portal as pesticides for bean weevil (Acanthoscelides obtectus) and maize weevil (Sitophilus zeamais) [1]
      The use of project alternatives in environmental and social impact assessment in Uganda [1]
      Utilization and conservation practices for indigenous trees in the Shea Parklands of Okwang sub county, Otuke district. [1]
      Utilization and on- farm conservation strategies of Canarium schweinfurthii in Buikwe district. [1]
      Utilization and On-farm Management of Shea Trees in Parabongo Sub-county, Agago District in Uganda. [1]
      Utilization patterns of bamboo from Echuya central forest reserve, Kabale district south western Uganda [1]
      Validation of the Persiann-CDR rainfall data over Uganda [1]
      Validation of the uaqm-crcm5 model rainfall simulations over Northern Uganda [1]
      Variation of selected physical properties of the wood of clonal eucalyptus GU in Mubende district central Uganda [1]
      Visitor attitudes towards hotel facilities and services in Uganda: A case of Lake View Hotel, Mbarara. [1]
      Water sources as a potential site for zoonose transmission in and around Budongo Central Forest Reserve [1]
      Water, Health and Sanitation Related Diseases and Risk Factors in High Density Low Income Urban Settlements in New Cities in Uganda: A Case Study of Ojwina Ward, Lira West Division, Lira City [1]
      Willingness of wetland squatters to participate in wetland restoration activities in Kirinya wetland, Kira Municipality, Wakiso district. [1]
      Women’s participation in forestry activities in Najjembe sub- county, Buikwe district [1]
      Woody species diversity and composition on grazing fields among pastoral communities in South-western Uganda [1]