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      Macro-Economic Determinants of Money Supply in Uganda [1]
      Macro-economic drivers of fish export volume in Uganda. [1]
      Macroeconomic analysis of the impact of inflation rate on the economic growth of Uganda (1980-2019) [1]
      Macroeconomic determinants of consumer price indices in Uganda [1]
      Macroeconomic determinants of financial stability in Uganda [1]
      Macroeconomic determinants of non-performing loans evidence from Uganda (1999-2019) [1]
      Macroeconomic determinants of the financial performance in Uganda [1]
      Macroeconomic Determinants of Trade Balance of Uganda’s Economy for the Period 1995-2019 [1]
      Macroeconomic factors affecting the investment rate in bank of Uganda [1]
      Macroeconomic factors associated with the growth of the private sector credit in Uganda [1]
      Macroeconomic Variables Affecting Prices of Goods and Services in Uganda [1]
      Macroeconomic Variables and Demand for Private – Sector Credit in Uganda [1]
      Major challenges faced during the starting of small and medium enterprises in Uganda: a case study of Kasubi Parish [1]
      Marital stress, occupational stress and work performance among Makerere university lecturers [1]
      Maternal Socio-Demographic Factors Associated with Low Birth Weight in Western Region of Uganda [1]
      Mean Variance and Standard Deviation Calculator for Discrete Probability. [1]
      A Microfinance loan management system [1]
      Mobile banking and the performance of financial technology companies in Uganda. (A case study of Service Cops Limited) [1]
      A model that provides medical cover to policy holders when they reach the retirement age [1]
      A model to design a micro pension product for market vendors in Uganda with retirement benefits paid in annuity form [1]