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      Sero-prevalence and risk factors of helicobacter pylori infection among patients with gastrointestinal complaints attending Outpatient Department at Itojo General Hospital, Ntungamo [1]
      Seroprevalence and risk factors associated with foot and mouth disease in cattle from selected districts in Uganda [1]
      Seroprevalence of bovine brucellosis and associated risk factors among cattle in Bubeke Sub county, Kalangala District [1]
      Seroprevalence of hepatitis e in domestic swine from Amuria and Napak Districts [1]
      Skin and Hoof lesions on pigs slaughtered and knowledge of abattoir workers on Tungiasis at Wambizzi Co-operative Society Abattoir, Nalukolongo. [1]
      Spatial and temporal patterns of priority bacterial zoonoses between 2009-2018 in Uganda [1]
      Stakeholders perceptions of effectiveness of community based animal health workers in Kotido district [1]
      The status of animal welfare practices among deep litter poultry farmers in Uganda [1]
      The status of animal welfare practices among poultry farmer’s in Uganda [1]
      Strategies developed by livestock farmers to cope with feed scarcity in Entebbe Municipality, Wakiso District [1]
      A study of strategic measures (biosecurity measures) employed by poultry farmers to reduce diseases in commercial layers in Wakiso district Nsangi sub county [1]
      A study of the pathological conditions of the liver of cattle slaughtered at Budadiri Town Council slaughter slab [1]
      A study on the productivity of scavenging local poultry birds in Nalutuntu sub county Mubende district [1]
      A study to establish the handling practices and quality of raw Sanga cattle hides and skins in Kiruhura district [1]
      A study to investigate antimicrobial resistance among selected zoonotic bacteria isolated from tortoises and birds at the Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre, Uganda [1]
      A survey of the relationship between animal related cultural beliefs and practices and the attitudes of Veterinary Students at Makerere University towards animals as sentient beings [1]
      Survey of tick species infesting cattle of Bukhaweka sub county, Namisindwa district [1]
      A survey on biosecurity measures utilised and the farmers responses in selected farms in Wakiso District (Luggi) [1]
      A survey to assess the knowledge and attitudes of students at Makerere University College of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Resources and Biosecurity (COVAB) towards the consumption of rabbit meat [1]
      Therapeutic evaluation of administration of autogenous vaccine along with immune-modulators in treatment of Bovine papillomatosis-case study [1]