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      Health literacy and self-care behaviors among Chronic kidney disease patients at Kiruddu National Referral Hospital. [2]
      Herbal medicine use during pregnancy: perceptions of pregnant women and associated factors at kawempe national referral hospital [1]
      Hidden stories of caregivers with children living with sickle cell disease in Uganda: experiences, coping strategies and outcomes [1]
      HIV testing practices and associated factors among undergraduate students at Makerere University. [1]
      HIV testing preferences among Makerere university students [1]
      Home storage practices and associated factors of orally reconstituted antibiotics in Kawaala, Kampala District, Uganda [1]
      In vitro asseement of the anti bacterial activity of ethanolic aeriel part extract of momordica foetida extract on the armpit flora [1]
      In- vitro assessment of the antimicrobial activity of a combination of methanolic extracts of Acacia Nilotica and Ziziphus Mauritiana against streptococcus pneumoniae [1]
      In-vitro assessment of acaricidol activity of combined extracts of Albizia coriaria and Solanum incanum against Rhipicephalus appendiculatus (brown ear tick) [1]
      In-vitro assessment of the antimicrobial activity of a combination of methanolic extracts of Acacia nilotica and Ziziphus mauritiana against streptococcus pneumoniae [1]
      Infection prevention and control: knowledge and practices among environmental support staff at Mulago National Referral Hospital [1]
      Invitro assessment of antibacterial activity of a combination of cloxacillin and an extract of tithonia diversifolia flowers against MRSA. [1]
      IUD contraceptive use among women of reproductive age: A qualitative study at the Family Planning Clinic of Nakaseke General Hospital [1]
      Knowledge about eye health and eye care seeking behaviors among student nurses at Mulago School of Nursing and Midwifery [1]
      Knowledge and compliance to guidelines of preparing 0.5% disinfectant solution among health workers in health facilities of Mukono Municipality [1]
      Knowledge and practices on antibiotic resistance among undergraduate non-medical students residing in halls at Makerere University Uganda [1]
      Knowledge and practices towards post exposure prophylaxis for HIV infection and factors associated with good knowledge among undergraduate clinical students in Makerere University [1]
      Knowledge and the Screening Practices for Type 2 Diabetes among Kyambogo University Staff, Kampala, Uganda. [1]
      Knowledge of mothers and nutrition status of children aged 6-59 months in Kahoora division, Hoima district Uganda [1]
      Knowledge on common ocular conditions and ocular health seeking behaviour among pregnant women attending Antenatal Clinic (Anc) at Kawempe National Referral Hospital [1]