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      Assessing the extent to which hunger affects primary pupils of Iki-Iki Sub county,Budaka District [1]
      Assessing the methods used by TASO in creating awareness on gender based violence in Entebbe Municipality in Wakiso District. [1]
      Assessment of science process skills among students during chemistry practical activities [1]
      Assessment of the effect of heat on the quantity of ascorbic acid in tomatoes during food processing [2]
      Athari za Kikiga katika kujifunza kiswahili katika shule za upili walayani Kabale [1]
      Athari za kikiga katika kujifunza kiswahili katika shule za upili wilayani Kabale [1]
      Athari za Kisebei kama lugha ya kwanza katika ufundishaji wa Kiswahili [1]
      A burglar alarm system using Arduino [1]
      Changamoto zinazokumba ufundishaji na matumizi ya lugha ya Kiswahili nchini Uganda [1]
      Changamoto zinazokumba ufundishaji na ujifunzaji wa somo la kiswahili katika shule za upili kidato cha tano na cha sita wilayani kamwenge, nchini Uganda [1]
      Changing faces in the performance of Sabiny initiation songs among the Sabiny of Uganda. [1]
      Coping with disability in refugee setting: a case study of Rwamwanja settlement in Kamwenge District. [1]
      Design and construction of a load protector circuit and remote switching [1]
      Dhima ya nyimbo katika ufundishaji wa Kiswahili kwa wanafunzi wa kidato cha kwanza wilayani Wakiso [1]
      Diversity of plant species used in the control of pests of stored grains and legumes, a case study in Sagazi Parish of Buikwe District [1]
      The effect of using mother tongue as a medium of instruction on learner’s performance [1]
      The impact of Adult literacy programs to urban refugee communities:a case study of English for Adults (EFA) program at refugee Law project. [1]
      Impact of mass Ivermectin administration and vector control on the prevalence of onchocerciasis in Kanyege Community, Masindi District [1]
      Influence of patriotism on the development of personal and social skills in secondary school students in Kotido Municipality [1]
      Kuchunguza nafasi ya mbinu ya ushirikishaji katika ukuzaji wa ustadi wa mazungumzo katika shule za upili wilayani Wakiso [1]