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  • A land search information system. A case of land information systems in UGANDA 

    Kaweesi, Fahim; Ndegeya, Eddy Reagan; Mustafa, Farouk Kimera; Mbaziira, Joseph; Mugabekazi, Catherine (Makerere University, 2022-10)
    In this study, a land Search Information System was implemented for the people of Uganda, to enable them easily, make land title searches and also get informed on issues concerning land. This is because there is a high ...
  • Automation of ticket issuance system 

    Katumba, Acram; Wanzu, Sinani; Nabukeera, Aida Gladys; Mawanda, Benjamin (Makerere University, 2022)
    In this era of science and technology, mobile applications are used widely and used in each and every step of modern businesses. Unluckily, developing countries like Uganda are far behind in using the internet or web ...
  • Tool for locating printing services in Makerere University 

    Enrico, Mani; Mukwaya, Emmanuel; Ekomu, Emmanuel; Muyimba Kampuga, Thomas; Ssali, George William (2022-11)
    Information technology industry is one of the fast growing sectors in the world making it more vital. This is because it has simplified tasks being done and helped find solutions to a variety of problems within different ...
  • An Augmented Reality mobile Application for improving the online shopping experience 

    Nakisozi, Lwantale Martha; Banshemera, Benadette; Chambaga, Abudlah; Nagwere, Rhodin Emmanuel (Makerere University, 2022-10)
    The purpose of this project was to develop an augmented reality mobile application which will enhance the current online shopping experience, and also understand the consumer adoption of this technology considering aspects ...
  • Disease detection in poultry using machine learning 

    Nalwanga, Patricia; Awath, Javar Abdat; Mwesigwa, Kirabira Mwesigwa; Namuganga, Emmilly Immaculate (Makerere university, 2022)
    Diseases in poultry farming have severe and detrimental health effects to poultry hence leading to death of the birds and loses for the bird owners if no remedies are provided. The process of diagnosis which involves the ...
  • Sales management system for Maganjo Grain Millers 

    Magembe, N. Solomon; Kyaterekera, Jacentah; Basalirwa, Stephen; Nanyonjo, Latifah (Makerere University, 2022-11-09)
    In this study, a sales management system was implemented for Maganjo Grain Milers and the associates, to automate activities and services in areas of sales, recruitment, inventory. This is because there are inconsistencies ...
  • Bad driving alert application 

    Ssekalaala, Paul Trevor; Namale, Winnie; Lutaaya, Pamela Angella; Namugenyi, Noeline; Ayesiga, Mary (Makerere University, 2023-01)
    Background: Accidents are an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury, these are caused due to bad driving, over Speeding, distraction to driving, drunken ...
  • Vehicle registration portal 

    Wabula, Ronny; Okec, Sam Uma; Batale, Ambrose Bwimi (Makerere University, 2022-11-16)
    Motor vehicle registration in Uganda is a very tedious process mixed with a couple of hurdles that based on the statistics gathered indicated that most people sought the assistance of middlemen in the whole process. ...
  • Assessing preservation of records at the Jinja district local government 

    Neumbe, Raziah (Makerere university, 2019-07)
    The study was undertaken to assess the preservation of records at the Jinja District Local Government Registry. The study was based on the following objectives to identify the types of records preserved at Jinja District ...
  • An online voting system (Tulonde) for COCIS 

    Kigundu, Ben; Katusabe, Irene; Nagawa, Edith; Malinga, Lazaro (Makerere University, 2019-05)
    This project report presents An Online Voting System (Tulonde) that is aimed at easing the process of carrying out elections at COCIS. The main objective of the project was to develop an Online Voting System (Tulonde) that ...
  • Assessment of classification and storage of records systems : A case of Parliament of the Republic of Uganda (PRU) registry 

    Arinaitwe, Brian (2019-07)
    The research looked at the classification and storage of records in the records registry, Parliament of the Republic of Uganda. The study aimed at examining the record classification used at the ministry, the most effective ...
  • Gym information management system : A case study of Grand Global Gym 

    Naamara, Edith Byamukama; Kyambadde, Micheal Rodny; Ejang, Daphine Elizabeth; Mirembe, Claire (2019-05-27)
    The study mainly focused on improving the gym information management for both the customers and the gym staff members. It is known that exercise is important. Exercise has a great impact in the body as it has all sorts of ...
  • Student project monitoring system 

    Nassimbwa, Doreen; Katende, Paul; Odeke, Moses; Ainemukama, Harold Dinton (Makerere University, 2019-06)
    Monitoring individual student contribution towards their projects is difficult for supervisors during Final Year Project Implementation. In the current system of monitoring students Final Year Projects, supervisors arrange ...
  • Students' Class Attendance Tracking System 

    Shaba, Victory Hope; Nerima, Angel; Kirabo, Gloria; Nakibuuka, Shamsa (2018)
    The students’ tracking attendance system has been established to monitor students’ attendance reliably in various session throughout their time at the university. It mainly consists of a fingerprint scanner which captures ...
  • Driving Tutor 

    Mavis, Nyamazi Sandrah (2019)
  • Assessment of the records security system in Entebbe municipal council registry 

    Nalwoga, Julian (Makerere University, 2018-07)
    This is a report from the research carried out under the topic "Assessment of the records security system in Entebbe Municipal Council registry," from May to July 2018. This report consists of five chapters containing ...
  • Assessing records storage and security at Entebbe police station 

    Nanyonjo, Purikeria kizza (Makerere University, 2018-08)
    A study was carried on assessing records storage and security at Entebbe Police Station with the study objectives which were to establish the current status of records storage and security, to find out how storage and ...
  • Assessing records storage and security at Entebbe Police Station 

    Nanyonjo, Purikeria (Makerere University, 2018-08)
    Astudy was carried on assessingrecords storage and security at Entebbe Police Station with the study objectives which were to establish the current status of records storage and security,to find outhow storage and security ...
  • Smart supply: An analytics tool to support strategic growth in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) 

    Ssevvume, Solomon; Baluku, Derrick; Mayani, Edith Martha Amayo; Kirwana, Fred (Makerere University, 2018-05)
    1.0. Problem Statement Wholesale distributors occupy a middle position in the supply chain between manufacturers and secondary distributors or retailers for a wide range of durable and non-durable goods, industrial goods, ...
  • Cinema ticketing system 

    Naigaga, Hilda; Musaazi, Duncan Derrick; Kiryama, Eddy; Negesa, Sharifa

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