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      Accessing the impact of land use/cover change on human thermal comfort in Kampala [1]
      Accessing the tendering deficeincies in the construction industry (Case study Uganda) [1]
      An accident awareness system [1]
      Addressing MV technical loss on the distribution network in Uganda [1]
      Addressing MV technical loss on the distribution network in Uganda: A case study: UMEME 33kV network [1]
      Advancing transportation in Uganda with automation, connectivity and intelligence [2]
      Advancing transportation in Uganda with connectivity, automation & intelligence: An accident awareness system [1]
      Ambient backscatter communication for RFID tags [1]
      Analysing the impact of other independent distribution networks on UMEME system reliability. [1]
      Analysis and mitigation of Ferranti effect on long low loaded power distribution networks [1]
      An analysis into the competetiveness of local construction contractors in Uganda [1]
      Analysis of liquefaction potential of foundation soils of the right embankment dam at Isimba Hydro Power Plant [1]
      Analysis of the accuracy of different commercial GPS network adjustment software packages [1]
      Analysis of the Energy Demand of Uganda using the End Use Model [1]
      Analysis of the energy demand of Uganda using the end use model [1]
      An analysis of the location, distribution and effectiveness of public health facilities in Uganda's districts: A case study of Omoro District [1]
      Analysis of the procedures of compulsory land acquisition and compensation in Uganda [1]
      Analysis of the streets of Kampala City to meet the needs of pedestrians: A case study of Central Division [1]
      Analysis of the underlying variations in the maintenance costs of rented properties in Kampala [1]
      Analysis of urban land use invasion and succession trends in Kampala city : A case study of Kololo Hill (1962-2018) [1]