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      Challenging the jurisdictional consent-requirement of the International Court of Justice [1]
      Convinced or coerced? An appraisal of the observance of the right to free, prior and informed consent in the extractive industry in Uganda [1]
      Cost of credit: a review of the legal and policy frameworks in Uganda's banking sector [1]
      A critique of the efficacy of the Prevention of Trafficking in Persons Act, 2009 : a case study of sexual exploitation in Uganda [1]
      The defence of illegality and unjust enrichment: a case for flexibility in breach of contract cases [1]
      Defining the boundaries of economic dismissal in Uganda [1]
      Digitalisation of Uganda’s Judicial System: An analysis of Rwanda’s Electronic Court System [1]
      Digitisation of land records: a means or an end to fraud in Uganda’s land sector? [1]
      The effectiveness of the law on implementing the right to a clean and healthy environment during oil and gas exploration and production in Uganda [1]
      Electronic health: An assessment of the regulatory framework in Uganda [1]
      Engendering the empowerment of women through inheritance rights: an analysis of the succession (Amendment) Act, 2022 [1]
      Examining access to criminal justice during public health emergencies in Uganda; A case study of Kampala Metropolitan Police Area [1]
      Examining the efficacy of commercial arbitration as a mode of commercial dispute resolution in Uganda [1]
      Exoneration of convicts in Uganda [1]
      The federo question: a legal exploration from 1986 to date [1]
      A feminist analysis of the impact of the law on abortion in Uganda [1]
      Intellectual property in culture: a concept worth the chase or a dream to forget [1]
      Legal aspects of sustainable environmental land use management [1]
      Political dialogue under the 2000 Cotonou : addressing the gaps in the right to freedom of expression and assembly in Uganda [1]
      Post-deportation risks and human rights: a case of state obligations under international human rights instruments [1]