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      An aid to quicken the approval process of structural drawing at KCCA for typical residential buildings. [1]
      Ambient backscatter communication for RFID tags. [1]
      Analysis and Mitigation of Ferranti Effect on Long Low Loaded Power Distribution Networks. [1]
      Analysis of the spectral performance of Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access [1]
      Analysis of the Spectral Performance of Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access (NOMA) [1]
      Analysis of using TV whitespaces for broadband connectivity in selected areas of Uganda. [1]
      Application of cleaner production technology in improving performance in the beverage industry. [1]
      Assessing the effect of sea shell powder on the swelling properties of expansive clay soils [1]
      Assessing the performance of the drainage system for Entebbe International Airport to control flooding [1]
      Assessing the sustainability of groundwater resources in Lugazi Municipality [1]
      Assessment of boiler efficiency in tea industries of Uganda [1]
      Assessment of Pathogen exposure routes associated with the processing ans use of Sludge from the Lubigi sewage and faecal sludge treatment plant. [1]
      Assessment of the effect of Geogrid and Geotextile inclusion on flexible pavement performance [1]
      Capacity Improvement of Kampala Road between Watoto Church and Mapeera House. [1]
      Comparative analysis of solar energy efficiency of solar water pumping and other sources in Uganda. [1]
      A comparative study of faecal sludge stabilization with use of lime and black soldier fly larvae [1]
      Comparison of confined masonry buildings and reinforced concrete frames with infills under seismic loading. [1]
      Condition assessment and life cycle costing of concrete and steel footbridges in Kampala [1]
      Dam break analysis and inundation mapping, a case study of Bujagali dam, Uganda [1]
      Design and Construction of a Hay Baler [1]