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      Accessing the impact of land use change on the flooding of Kiwunya channel in Kampala [1]
      AI Enabled Modulation Identification in Fiber Optic Networks [1]
      AI-Enabled Modulation Format Identification in Fiber-Optic Networks [1]
      An aid to quicken the approval process of structural drawing at KCCA for typical residential buildings. [2]
      Ambient backscatter communication for RFID tags. [1]
      Analysis and Mitigation of Ferranti Effect on Long Low Loaded Power Distribution Networks. [1]
      Analysis and optimization of heat dissipation in an electric car battery rack. [1]
      Analysis of air emissions from iron and steel industries in Uganda. [1]
      Analysis of EMF exposure in 5G cellelar systems. [1]
      Analysis of Human EMF Exposure in 5G Cellular Systems [1]
      An Analysis of Physiotherapy Facilities' Spatial Design Requirements for Spinal Injured Patients. [1]
      An analysis of public outdoor children play spaces in Kampala [1]
      Analysis of quality of service in the controller management of Software Defined Networks (SDN) [1]
      Analysis of quality of service in the controller management of software defined networks (SDN) [1]
      Analysis of the spectral performance of Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access [1]
      Analysis of the Spectral Performance of Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access (NOMA) [1]
      Analysis of total productive maintenance methods at viva steel products. [1]
      Analysis of using TV whitespaces for broadband connectivity in selected areas of Uganda. [1]
      Analyzing the effect of introduction of industrial loads on the distribution network security [1]
      Analyzing the efficiency levels of construction and demolition waste management methods on different construction sites in Kampala district [1]