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    • Academic school management mobile application 

      Ssempala, Muhammad; Kabuunga, Hamidu; Taremwa, Joab; Magero, Timothy (2018-08-16)
      This a representation of the Academic School Management Mobile Application project development for schools. This project was worthy developing because of the existing need to automate school activities and phase out the ...
    • An agricultural financing platform 

      Tumusiime, Dennis B; Nambuule, Norah Namirembe; Muganwa, Isaac; Ssekibuule, David (Makerere University, 2018-08-06)
      This project aims at reducing the problem of difficulty in finding potential investors by farmers through providing an interactive online platform that enables potential investors to look up for farmers as well as farmers ...
    • Appointment and workload management system 

      Namutebi, Jamillah Mago; Tuza, John; Ssempala, Raymond; Ntale, Kizza Abdul (Makerere University, 2018-07-10)
      The health sector is among the most important sectors in the Republic of Uganda. The rate at which health facilities such as hospitals, pharmacies and medical laboratories are established and/or revamped increases annually. ...
    • Automated power monitoring and management system 

      Biryomumaisho, Nicholus; Wejuli, Bruno; Kyaterekera, Enock Bogere; Atusimiirwe, Arnold Ceaser (BIRYOMUMAISHO NICHOLUS, 2018)
      This documentation contains a detailed description of the development of an Automated Power Monitoring And Management System (APMMS) that enables users to view the real time consumption trends of appliances, control ...
    • Blood donate Android mobile application 

      Akora, Brian Marco; Mutonerwa, Stephen Musaazi; Kikomeko, Musa; Nsimbi, Ivan (Makerere University, 2018)
    • BODA-BODA booking and ride safety mobile application 

      Bwiire, Patrick; Yanican, Victor; Namanyira, Alex (Makerere University, 2016-06)
    • Car antitheft 

      Hiisa, Nasifu (Makerere University, 2015-07)
      It was noted that there is rampant theft of vehicles in the country and car owner have found it difficult to locate there stolen cars. In this project, we come up with a car anti-theft system to resolve this problem. The ...
    • Chick guide application 

      Ndagga, Nicolas Brenden; Wambogo, Brian; Ekwaro, Dominic; Mazapkwe, Lidian (Makarere University, 2018-06-12)
      In Uganda today, chicken farming has been adopted as one of the income generating ventures. This involves keeping of chicken for eggs and meat products. The business requires capital investment so as to get income and ...
    • Daily performance and task monitoring system 

      Sserwadda, Mathias; Nuwagaba, Derrick; Kakooza, Williams; Sseruyange, Oscar (2018-05)
      This report includes a development presentation of a system for managing staff related tasks and activities within a small company or organization. The system developed is called daily performance and task monitoring ...
    • Density intelligent traffic control system (DITS) 

      Kintu, David; Mugerwa, Michael; Shemere, Carolyne; Munyagwa, Cyrus Isaac (Makerere University, 2016-06)
      The objective of this report is to give a comprehensive summary of the DITS system that has been developed to automatically control movement of vehicles into a junction according to given road behaviors such that routes ...
    • Disease and treatment monitoring of malaria (DTMM): Case study - Ministry of Health 

      Mukiibi, Herbert; Muwanguzi, Henry (Makerere University, 2015-04)
      The main objective of this study was to assess the effectiveness of integrating the use of cell-phones into a routine malaria prevention and control programme, to improve the management of malaria among an under-served ...
    • Improving order fulfilment process using BPMN 

      Okello, Geoffrey; Kateeba, Robert; Minega, Shyaka Patrick; Kamuntu, Robert (Makerere University, 2018)
      EUROFLEX LTD`s order fulfillment process involves activities that are primary in delivering final products to customers, these activities can be generalized to other similar manufacturing companies. The current process is ...
    • KARIBU tuition access control system 

      Asiimwe, Julius; Eretu, Patrick; Nawe, Innocent; Kizza, Ronald (Makerere University, 2016-05)
    • Lost and found mobile application 

      Muwonge, julius; Komakech, Geofrey; Lokose, Freza; Waca, David (Makerere University, 2018)
      The lost and found mobile applications is basically about finding missing persons through image matching of their images within the application.
    • A Mobile Application For Providing Agricultural Information 

      Nampeera, Mariam; Ssemakula, Musa; Kisitu, Juma; Mayengo, Rogers (A Project Report Submitted to the School of Computing and Informatics Technology For the Study Leading to a Project in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of the Degree of Bachelor of Information Technology of Makerere University, 2018-06-12)
      Abstract This project aimed at developing a mobile application for providing agricultural information to farmers who face a number of challenges such as pests and diseases for their crops, use of poor farming methods and ...
    • A mobile knowledge management system for poultry farms 

      Sserwadda, Samson; Luwangula, Samson; Semukuye, Brian; Muhumuza, Christopher (Makerere University, 2019-01-08)
      This report document about a mobile knowledge management system for poultry farms contains various sections which explains the processes that were taken from the very beginning of the project from data collection process ...
    • A motion detection and instant alert system 

      Wamala, Cyprian; Obbo, Peter; Kavuma, Timothy; Nahurira, Humphrey (Makerere University, 2018-06)
      This project report is about human motion detection and instant alert Desktop se- curity system that uses a webcam connected via a USB cable. Security is a measure of how safe a person or premises are and it is a very ...
    • QR code land title verification system 

      Ssekiranda, Brian; Odhiambo, Ogweno W.; Tayebwa, Harold; Ainebyoona, Alvine (2018-05-23)
      The basis of this project was to create a system that can verify legitimate land titles easily without any movement to the Ministry of Lands as a means to reduce the cases of land grabbing in Uganda (ANTHONY, 20th 2017). ...
    • Shuttle Alert 

      Rukundo, Jonathan; Gatale, Elijah; Mugisha, William; Okoth, James (Makerere University, 2018-05-16)
      Many students cannot fathom the idea of joining the halls of residence at Makerere and other universities in Uganda. The whole idea reminds them of school dormitories filled with curfews and routine checks. Hence the ...