Recent Submissions

  • Implementation, testing and validation report for fuel anti-theft and usage control system 

    Ogema, Emmanuel; Othieno, Richard Okoth; Thembo, Eddpoul; Ssegawa, Timothy (Makerere University, 2019-01)
    Project Description Fuel Anti-Theft and Usage Control System is a GSM based embedded system which uses very few electronic components. It will be compact and can be mounted on any kind of vehicle, generator or fuel pump ...
  • Anticipated User Experience (AUX) Framework For Implementing Electronic Participation In A Developing Country Context 

    Eilu, Emmanuel (Makarere University, 2019-02-05)
    Abstract Although citizen participation in decision-making has emerged as one of the fundamental pillars of good governance, there is seemly a low level of citizen participation in the governance processes in many ...
  • Online events information management system 

    Kalungi Andrew; Sekamatte Eric; Nampomba Suzanne; Muwanguzi Victor Bukenya (Makerere University, 2018-06-21)
    Events management in Uganda has been evolving since early 90’s. The process involves a number of activities whose management and organisation by event organisers has been evolving. Different Event organisers provide various ...

    Nyamazi, Sandrah Mavis (2019-05)

    Mutumba, Alex; Njawuzi, Andrew Disan; Nambooze, Mirembe Caroline (Makerere University, 2018-06-01)
    Our project is an on-line notice board where a group of people can easily communicate with each other by sticking or posting virtual notes, announcements and information. The main objective was to design an e-notice board, ...
  • A Large Scale Ontology Matching Tool Based On A Statistical Predictive Model 

    Ochieng, Peter (Makarere University, 2018-10-10)
    Ontologies have become more pervasive in Computer Science and especially in the semantic web. They provide the consensual formal vocabulary to be shared between applications. Through ontologies, new generations of semantic ...
  • Driving tutor 

    Nyamazi, Sandrah Mavis; Namaganda, Esther; Naluzze, Anita; Bagambisa, Georgia Tusiime (Makerere University, 2018-07)
    Purpose: This software design document describes the architecture and system design of an android game application, Driving Tutor. The document provides information necessary to the intended audience to fully understand ...
  • USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) student information management system 

    Akampurira, Brian David; Nabatte, Caroline; Athieno, Jane; Kiyingi, Emmanuel Lester (Makerere University, 2018-06)
    Currently students can access their information by the use of the Internet which loads them with an extra cost burden, not to mention the design inefficiencies that characterize current systems. They can also use manual ...
  • IOT Smart Home Monitoring System 

    Bwire, Timothy; Eguru, James; Mulumba, Miyinza Samson; Okello, John Paul (Makerere University, 2018-06-15)
    This project presents a low cost and flexible home control and environmental monitoring system. It employs an embedded Arduino UNO microcontroller, with IP connectivity for accessing and controlling devices and appliances ...
  • Myparker Parking System 

    Bbengo, Reagan; Katende, Marvin; Majanga, Joseph; Kisekka, David (Makerere University, 2018-04)
    This report is about the development of My Parker Parking System which is an advanced mobile application by CS18-20, which was conducted between August 2017 and May 2018. This report contains the various activities ...
  • A system for the management of meals in academic institutions 

    Nabunya, Angella; Musiimenta, Hillary; Bazira, Johnny Leonard (Makarere University, 2018-07)
    A system for the management of meals in academic institutions is a vital and crucial aspect of life because it enables different stake holders to organize for meals in schools minus the hectic and time consuming bureaucratic ...
  • A mobile knowledge management system for poultry farms 

    Sserwadda, Samson; Luwangula, Samson; Semukuye, Brian; Muhumuza, Christopher (Makerere University, 2019-01-08)
    This report document about a mobile knowledge management system for poultry farms contains various sections which explains the processes that were taken from the very beginning of the project from data collection process ...
  • Daily performance and task monitoring system 

    Sserwadda, Mathias; Nuwagaba, Derrick; Kakooza, Williams; Sseruyange, Oscar (2018-05)
    This report includes a development presentation of a system for managing staff related tasks and activities within a small company or organization. The system developed is called daily performance and task monitoring ...
  • Automated power monitoring and management system 

    Biryomumaisho, Nicholus; Wejuli, Bruno; Kyaterekera, Enock Bogere; Atusimiirwe, Arnold Ceaser (BIRYOMUMAISHO NICHOLUS, 2018)
    This documentation contains a detailed description of the development of an Automated Power Monitoring And Management System (APMMS) that enables users to view the real time consumption trends of appliances, control ...
  • QR code land title verification system 

    Ssekiranda, Brian; Odhiambo, Ogweno W.; Tayebwa, Harold; Ainebyoona, Alvine (2018-05-23)
    The basis of this project was to create a system that can verify legitimate land titles easily without any movement to the Ministry of Lands as a means to reduce the cases of land grabbing in Uganda (ANTHONY, 20th 2017). ...
  • A Mobile Application For Providing Agricultural Information 

    Nampeera, Mariam; Ssemakula, Musa; Kisitu, Juma; Mayengo, Rogers (A Project Report Submitted to the School of Computing and Informatics Technology For the Study Leading to a Project in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of the Degree of Bachelor of Information Technology of Makerere University, 2018-06-12)
    Abstract This project aimed at developing a mobile application for providing agricultural information to farmers who face a number of challenges such as pests and diseases for their crops, use of poor farming methods and ...
  • An agricultural financing platform 

    Tumusiime, Dennis B; Nambuule, Norah Namirembe; Muganwa, Isaac; Ssekibuule, David (Makerere University, 2018-08-06)
    This project aims at reducing the problem of difficulty in finding potential investors by farmers through providing an interactive online platform that enables potential investors to look up for farmers as well as farmers ...
  • Chick guide application 

    Ndagga, Nicolas Brenden; Wambogo, Brian; Ekwaro, Dominic; Mazapkwe, Lidian (Makarere University, 2018-06-12)
    In Uganda today, chicken farming has been adopted as one of the income generating ventures. This involves keeping of chicken for eggs and meat products. The business requires capital investment so as to get income and ...
  • Disease and treatment monitoring of malaria (DTMM): Case study - Ministry of Health 

    Mukiibi, Herbert; Muwanguzi, Henry (Makerere University, 2015-04)
    The main objective of this study was to assess the effectiveness of integrating the use of cell-phones into a routine malaria prevention and control programme, to improve the management of malaria among an under-served ...
  • KARIBU tuition access control system 

    Asiimwe, Julius; Eretu, Patrick; Nawe, Innocent; Kizza, Ronald (Makerere University, 2016-05)

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