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      Assessing the Potential of Organic Wastes as Soil Amendments to Increase Water Retention [1]
      Assessing risk factors associated with overweight and obesity among the employees of Arua Regional referral Hospital [1]
      Assessment of fruit and vegetable intake among corporate workers in Kampala city center, Kampala district [1]
      Assessment of Fruit and Vegetable Intake among Makerere University Undergraduate Students [1]
      Assessment of knowledge and consumption patterns of fibre rich foods among diabetic patients aged 18 years and above at kiruddu hospital [1]
      Barriers and facilitators to weight loss among young adults aged 18-25 years undertaking weight loss programs in Makerere University [1]
      Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling of Ugastove Charcoal Cookstove [1]
      The contribution of Religious Leaders towards Nutrition Advocacy in Semi-Urban and Urban Communities in Kampala [1]
      Design and construction of a cocoa seed grinder [1]
      Design and construction of a pedalled and hand driven cassava chipping machine [1]
      Design, construction and testing of an improved solar powered evaporative cooling system [1]
      Design, fabrication, and testing of a hand operated grain amaranth thresher [1]
      Designing, Constructing and Testing of an Air Filter Cleaning Chamber [1]
      Determination of the nutrient and anti-nutrient composition of chia (Salvia hispanica l.) Seeds and leaves grown in Uganda [1]
      Development of a manually operated milking machine [1]
      Development of a Self-Sustaining Electro-Mechanical Power Conversion Generating System [1]
      Development of an instant potato soup powder from small non-marketable potatoes (solanum tuberosum) [1]
      Dietary patterns and their association with blood pressure control among hypertensive patients aged 18+ years attending care at Kiruddu General Referral Hospital [1]
      Earthworms (Eudrilus Eugeniae) as a potential source of proteins in poultry feeds [1]
      Effect of extraction parameters (defatting, solvent type, solvent concentration, sonication time and processing method) on total phenolics’ of the edible long-horned grasshopper Ruspolia differens [1]