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      Analysis of Determinants of Export Performance in Uganda (1987-2017) [1]
      Analysis of determinants of the adoption of remote learning under Covid-19 lockdown: evidence from UHFS 2020 [1]
      Analysis of economic determinants for households’ involvement in fishing for livelihoods in Masese fishing site [1]
      Analysis of effects of management accounting practices on financial performance of small and medium enterprises in Nsangi subcounty, Wakiso district [1]
      Analysis of factors affecting household out-of-pocket expenditure in Uganda: a case study of Lungujja [1]
      Analysis of Factors Affecting Livestock Production in Uganda using Cross-Sectional Data (Livestock Production Census) Compiled by MAAIF and UBOS [1]
      Analysis of Factors Affecting Milk Production among Smallholder Dairy Farmers in Kinoni Sub County, Kiruhura District, Western Uganda [1]
      Analysis of factors affecting rice growing in Rukungiri District: case study of Bwambara Sub County [1]
      Analysis of factors affecting the implementation of Covid-19 standard operating procedures among students living outside the university [1]
      Analysis of factors associated with access and use of banking services among the people in Sheema Municipality [1]
      An analysis of factors associated with entrepreneurship development among youth in Uganda : A case study of Kampala, Uganda [1]
      Analysis of factors associated with female participation in entrepreneurship in Uganda [1]
      Analysis of factors associated with traffic crashes in Uganda [1]
      Analysis of factors contributing to child malnutrition: a case study of Adola Parish in Lira District [1]
      Analysis of factors influencing access to reproductive health services and information: (A case study of Makerere University) [1]
      Analysis of factors influencing adoption of improved maize varieties by farmers in Lira district: a case study of Adekokwok sub-county, Boke parish, Opwakere village [1]
      An Analysis of Factors Influencing Expenditure Behaviour of Undergraduate Students: A Case Study of School of Statistics and Planning at Makerere University [1]
      Analysis of factors influencing gross domestic savings in Uganda (2000 – 2018) [1]
      An analysis of factors influencing the adherence to optimal malaria treatment doses in Sheema District; A case study of Kabwohe-Itendero Town Council [1]
      An Analysis of Factors Influencing the Performance of Poultry Farming Projects in Uganda: A Case Study of Rugando Sub-County, Mbarara District [1]