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      Analysis for the determinants of foreign direct investments (FDIS) in Uganda for the period 1997-2016 [1]
      Analysis of Coffee Exports of Uganda Using An Arima Model from 1990 To 2018 [1]
      An analysis of factors associated with entrepreneurship development among youth in Uganda : A case study of Kampala, Uganda [1]
      Analysis of factors associated with female participation in entrepreneurship in Uganda [1]
      Analysis of factors influencing access to reproductive health services and information: (A case study of Makerere University) [1]
      Analysis of macroeconomic factors associated with the fluctuation of cement prices in Uganda [1]
      Analysis Of Socio-Economic factors influencing the choice and preference of contraceptive use among women in Rukungiri Municipality [1]
      Analysis of the Contribution of Insurance Companies to the Growth of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs): A Case of Statewide Insurance Company (SWICO) [1]
      Analysis of the determinants of graduate employment status. [1]
      Analysis of the effect of mobile money transfer facility on business performance of mobile money agents: A case study of Kikuubo traders in Kampala [1]
      Analysis of the Effect of the Rising Sugar Prices on the Welfare of Households: A Case Study of Kawempe Division [1]
      Analysis of the effect s of learner`s location on their academic performance in Masaka district [1]
      Analysis of the impact of introduction of agent banking on the efficiency of commercial banks [1]
      Analysis of the Impact of Working capital management practices on financial performance: A study of hotels in Kampala under UHOA [1]
      Analysis of the macroeconomic determinants of export growth in Uganda (1987-2017) [1]
      Analysis of the relationship between price of milk exports and quantity of milk exports a case study of Uganda [1]
      Analysis on the relationship between reward systems and employee performance: A case study of The Aids Support Organization (TASO)-Gulu Centre [1]
      Assesment of the challenges as associated with servicing of agriculture loans by small scale farmers [1]
      Assessing factors that influence the exchange rates in Uganda (2000- 2019) [1]
      Assessing the effect of financial and non financial motivation on the performance of teachers in secondary schools in Entebbe [1]