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      Accessing the suitable parameters for the production of carbonized briquettes using bagasse, clay as binder and molases as a filler. [1]
      Adsorption behavior of amoxicillin and sulfamethoxazole antibiotics onto activated carbon antibiotics [1]
      Adsorption of lead (II) ions from synthetic waste water using biochar derived from sugar cane bagasse [1]
      The adsorption of volatile organic compounds [1]
      Albertine Graben Area Semliki Basin geological field mapping project in Ntoroko District, Western Uganda [1]
      Alternative bio waste management by vermicomposting in cities case study: production of organic vermicompost fertilizer and study of its chemical parameters [1]
      An alternative method for determining chloride content in alternative fuels [1]
      Analysis of energy saving potential by condensate return [1]
      Analysis of microbial and mineral content of bottled mineral water in Makerere Kikoni [1]
      Analysis of the effect of compression force of compression machine on weights and hardness of ELT tablets at Cipla Quality Chemical industries limited. [1]
      Application of a sigma assessment on the production and packaging process of quinimix mixture [1]
      Application of cactus powder to minimize the use of aluminium sulphate as a coagulant during water treatment at Movit products Limited [1]
      The application of Vernonia Amygdalina extract as a substitute for hops in sorghum beer production [1]
      Aspen plus simulation of the paint waste sludge gasification process [1]
      Assessing fermentation efficiency of sugarcane molasses [2]
      Assessing the best alternative method in the treatment of incinerator bottom ash using cement and pozzolana [1]
      Assessing the effect of filter bed material on the survival of earthworms in vermifilters [1]
      Assessing the effects of variation in the concentration of Sodium Silicate solution on the quality of laundry bar soap at Mukwano Industries Uganda Limited [1]
      Assessing the energy content of briquettes made from various sun dried and carbonized organic wastes [1]
      Assessment of antibiotic drug residues in selected packed chicken brands using high performance liquid chromatography [1]