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      Accessing the impact of land use planning on social economic development in Kampala. [1]
      Analysing the relationship between linear shrinkage and swell of soaked CBR Samples [1]
      Analysis of industrial sprawl and its implications to physical planning in Kampala city's hinterland: a case study of the Jinja road corridor. . [1]
      Analysis of property value changes arising from government infrastructural project: a case study of Munyonyo- Kajjansi express high way. [1]
      An analysis of the design of traditional Imbalu grounds: a case study of Bamasaba Mutoto cultural site in Mbale. [1]
      Analysis of the effect of the Northern bypass on traffic flow within the CBD of Mbarara town. [1]
      Analysis of the impact of real estate housing on host communities; A case of Namungoona housing estates. [1]
      Analysis of the implication of the location, state and management of major and mini taxi parks in Kampala city: a case study of new taxi park, old taxi park, Namayiba taxi park [1]
      Analysis of the placement of street furniture in Kampala central business district. [1]
      Analysis of the spatial distribution of commuter taxi stages in central business district of Kampala city. [1]
      Analysis of urban renewal processes and change in Kampala city: a case study of Kisenyi 111. [1]
      An analysis on the implementation of property rates and its effect on property rent and values [1]
      Analyzing pedestrian behavior on roads with pedestrian facilities in Kampala city; A case study of Makerere hill road and Bombo road. [1]
      Analyzing the impact of traffic congestion on rental values of residential property: A case study of Kiwatule Parish in Nakawa Division, Kampala District [1]
      Analyzing the performance of local housing policies in Masindi Municipality [1]
      Analyzing the performance of Urban Alleys in the Mbarara Central Business District. [1]
      Applicability of the mixture of leftover paint and briquette Ash as a replacement of putty. [1]
      Application of digital mapping techniques for evaluation and analysis of traffic flow pattern in Kampala [1]
      Application of multi seasonal LANDSAT 8 TIR BAND 10 in the extraction of built-up areas. [1]
      An appraisal of community participation in physical planning process, ICEME town council. [1]