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      Aesthetic value of Luganda proverbs of caution. [1]
      Alipoota ku kwekenneenya ekiyiiywannukuta ekya Zinunula Omunaku ekya E. N. Kawere [1]
      Alipoota y'okunoonyereza ku nsobi ezikolebwa abavubuka mu kukozesa olulimi Oluganda [1]
      Ambiguity in the Selected Lusoga Proverbs [1]
      Ambiguity in the use of proverbs: a case study of selected Luganda proverbs. [1]
      Analysis of humor in the selected Ngakarimojong Folktales [1]
      The analysis of imagery in selected Acholi folktales [1]
      Analysis of symbolism in the use of proverbs: a study of marriage proverbs of the Banyoro. [1]
      Analysis of the image of children in selected Runyankore proverbs [1]
      An analysis of the place and value of imagery in proverbial expressions: A study of selected Luo Proverbs [1]
      An analysis of the significance of metaphors in riddling: a case study of selected Soga riddles [1]
      Analyzing Irony and its effectiveness in selected Ateso folktales. [1]
      Anaphora in Kiganda children's songs [1]
      Animate and inanimate poetry unveiled [1]
      The art of deciphering meaning in proverbs: a case study of selected Luganda proverbs. [1]
      Asseeement of the dominant forms of land degradation and the potential mitigation soil and water conservation practices in Agrarian communities of Goma Divison, Mukono District. [1]
      Assesment of the methods Advocates Coalition for development and environment (ACODE) adopted in the training of Local Government councilors under the local Government Councils scorecard initiative (LGSCI) project in Mukono District, 2021. [1]
      Assessing the impact of organic manure on the growth of five tomato cultivars [1]
      Assessing the Impact of Soil Erosion Processes on the Community livelihoods in Bukinda sub county, Rukiga District, Western Uganda. [1]
      Assessing the methods used by TASO in creating awareness on gender based violence in Entebbe Municipality in Wakiso District. [1]