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    • A critical analysis of irony and its effectiveness in selected Acholi fables 

      Amito, Joan (Makerere University, 2023-02-09)
      This research is set to critically analyse the effectiveness of irony in Acholi fables. It explains how the irony used in these fables bring out the intended meanings in these stories. I was in position to use knowledge ...
    • Defense mechanisms in Acholi fables 

      Omara, Joseph (Makerere University, 2023-01-03)
      The purpose of this study is to analyse the different ways how characters use defense mechanisms to reduce stress. More specifically, the study aims at identifying the different defense mechanisms used by the characters ...
    • Irony and meaning in selected Acholi fables. 

      Amuge, Rascheal Letishia (Makerere University, 2023-01-11)
      This study discusses irony in fables, how they are used and their relevance in these fables.I therefore studied six fables using the feature of irony according to D.C Muecke which are: Irony as appearance versus reality ...