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      Therapeutic evaluation of administration of autogenous vaccine along with immune-modulators in treatment of Bovine papillomatosis-case study [1]
      Tick control practices and Acaricide susceptibility profiles of ticks collected from three sub counties of Yumbe District [1]
      Tick species infesting cattle in Patongo Town Council [1]
      Ticks and risk factors related to tick infestation of cattle in lwebitakuli-sembabule [1]
      Ticks infesting cattle in Pallisa Town Council and Pallisa Sub-county [1]
      To determine level of adherence to Widal protocol by private health facilities around Makerere University [1]
      To evaluate the influence of growth hormone application on hydroponic species (Maize, Sorghum and Millet) [1]
      Toxic Effects Of 2, 4 Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid on Bovine Spermatozoa Function In-Vitro [1]
      The trends and distribution of Contagious caprine pleuropneumonia cases in Napak District (2017-2021) [1]
      Tsetse fly trap effectiveness and tsetse fly apparent population density in selected sub counties of Buvuma District [1]
      Typhoid fever among patients with malaria attending Kumi Hospital Ongino in Kumi District [1]
      Understanding human-bat interaction as a risk for disease transmission in Najjembe Sub-county in Mabira Forest, Buikwe District [1]
      Understanding local knowledge and attitudes towards bats in Teso sub-region [1]
      The use of HLA-1 structures in the design of a computer based liver stage malaria vaccine [1]
      Use of laboratory animals in selected secondary schools, Kampala district [1]
      Use of renewable energy and water harvesting technologies among small scale poultry and cattle farmers in Kayunga District [1]
      Use of water melon juice to evaluate functional membrane integrity of bull epididymal sperm [1]
      Validation of the in-vitro efficacy of selected illicit pesticides used for controlling acaricide resistant ticks in Western Uganda [1]
      Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) content of selected brands of processed fruit juice sold in Mega Supermarkets in Kampala, Uganda [1]
      Wound healing activity of root extract of Canna Indica (l.) in albino rats [1]