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      Knowledge and attitude towards people's practices of going to hospitals [1]
      Knowledge of financial securities in Uganda: A case study of the Kampala metropolitan area [1]
      Knowledge of market vendors on loan charges: A case study of Kalerwe market, Kampala-Gayaza road [1]
      Knowledge, attitude and perception of people towards the increase in job insecurity in Uganda. (Case study of Kampala Central) [1]
      Knowledge, attitude and perception on contraceptives use among adolescents in Luwero District. (A case study of Kikube Parish) [1]
      Knowledge, attitude and practice on Sim-Card registration among the people in Uganda [1]
      Knowledge, Attitude and Practice on Testing and Immunisation of Maganjo ‘A’ Zone Residents against Hepatitis B [1]
      Knowledge, attitude and practices towards femidom use among female youth within the age group of 20-24 in Kampala: (a case study of Katanga) [1]
      Knowledge, Attitude and Practices towards Uptake of Health Insurance in Uganda: A Case Study of Bugolobi. [1]
      Knowledge, attitudes and practices of family planning among ever married women in Mbarara Municipal Council [1]
      Knowledge, awareness and uptake of life insurance among Bodaboda riders in Kampala, Uganda [1]
      knowledge,attitude and practice of men towards family plannning [1]
      Low antenatal care utilization in Uganda: What are the driving forces? [1]
      Macro economic determinants of fish export volume in Uganda [1]
      A Management Information System for Frama Hostel [1]
      Migration differentials in Uganda [1]
      Online social networks effects and influences among youths in Kampala [1]
      Outsourcing and performance of public institutions in Uganda [1]
      People's knowledge and uptake of blood transfusion services [1]
      The Performance of UPE in Uganda, Masaka District: A Case of Kyanamukaaka Sub County [1]