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      Noise produced from mechanised quarrying and occupational hazards at stirling quarry [1]
      Novel and innovative ways of marketing and promoting culture based tourism for the improvement of community livelihoods [1]
      Occupational Safety and Health Hazards in Work Places: A Case Study of Sugar Corporation of Uganda Limited [1]
      Occurrence and infestation of termites in Makerere University training and research forest plantation in Masindi district Uganda. [1]
      Occurrence and intensity of surface and end checks in air seasoned Eucalyptus grandis and hybrid clones [1]
      On farm conservation strategies and use values of indigenous fruit trees in Atanga sub-county, Pader district [1]
      On-Farm Approaches for Conservation of Indigenous Tree Species among Households in Aboko Parish, Kwania District [1]
      Opportunities and challenges for developing urban tourism in Jinja city [1]
      Opportunities and challenges of developing tourism on Buvuma Island [1]
      Opportunities for Agritourism Development in the Lake Victoria Crescent Ecological Zone: case study of peri-urban areas of Kampala and Wakiso districts [1]
      Opportunities for the development of cultural tourism in Jinja Municipality [1]
      Participation of smallholder farmers to on-farm tree planting and retention in Buyende Sub-County, Buyende district, Uganda [1]
      Participatory assessment of the acaricide plastic waste management system among the livestock farmers in Mubende district, central Uganda. [1]
      Patterns and preferences for domestic tourism among the youth a case of Makerere University Kampala Uganda [1]
      Patterns of infestation by invasive parasitic plants of the genus Cuscuta in selected districts of Uganda [1]
      Patterns of land use cover change and vegetation productivity in Amuda Catchment Area, Zombo District [1]
      Penetration and Retention of CCA Preservative in Eucalyptus grandis, and Eucalyptus clones Gu7 and Gc550 [1]
      Perceived effects of human activities on Namiiro Wetland,Entebbe Municipality. [1]
      Perceptions and influences on solid waste management in Bwaise slum, Kawempe division Kampala district [1]
      Perceptions and usability of road impact mitigation measures: a case study of Northern Bypass road project. [1]