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      Quality of potable water from different sources; a case study of Rukungiri municipality [1]
      Quantifying greenhouse gases associated with charcoal production and use in Nakasongola district. [1]
      Recovery of seed removal rates in the former saw mill site in Budongo CFR western Uganda [1]
      The relationship between staff training and service delivery in Chobe Safari Lodge [1]
      The relevance of meteorological data in the fight of radiation related diseases in Uganda [1]
      The Role of Agroforestry Practices in Increasing Farmer’s Resilience to Climate Change in Kyabigambire Sub-County, Hoima District [1]
      Role of climate change in exarcebating gender based violence in Teso region [1]
      The role of Entebbe botanical garden in scientific research and contribution to conservation of biodiversity [1]
      The Role of Indigenous Knowledge in Weather and Climate Forecasting in Kakooge village, Wakiso District [1]
      The role of local institutions in climate change adaptation in Paicho-Subcounty, Gulu district [1]
      The role of online platforms in assessing customer satisfaction. A case study of Mweya Safari Lodge [1]
      The role of the cultural institutions in tourism development a case study of Inzu Ya Masaba in Mbale district [1]
      Role of the local community in wetland resource management in Bugodi community, Kamwenge District [1]
      Role of tour guides in promoting ecotourism in lake mburo national park, western Uganda [1]
      Sanitation facilities in public places: A case study of Wakiso Town Council, Wakiso District. [1]
      Scaling up the adoption of climate resilient housing among the rural households in Teso Sub-region [1]
      Scaling up the adoption of climate resilient housing among the rural households in Teso sub-region [1]
      Selected strength properties of traded Oxytenanthera abyssinica (A. Rich.) Munro and Yushania alpina (K. Schum.) W.C.Lin (1974) bamboo in Uganda [1]
      Self-regulation, as a tool for ensuring environmental regulation compliance in the sugar manufacturing industry of Uganda: case study of sugar corporation of Uganda Limited [1]
      Sensitivity analysis of rainfall variability and its impact on coffee yield in eastern and central Uganda. [1]