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      Kitchen settings in Makerere University [1]
      The level of influence of imported interior designs in Uganda. [1]
      Limited use of bark cloth as a weaving material at Margret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Arts [1]
      Luswata, M. (2018). Role of communication design in designing the hospitality stationery [1]
      The major problem facing Videography today. [1]
      Major sculpture installations in Kampala by major Artists. [1]
      Makerere University Africa Hall Culture as an Inspiration for Fashion design at MTSIFA. [1]
      Makerere University Africa hall culture as an inspiration for jewelry making at Mitsifa [1]
      Makerere University Campaign posters as an aid to Creating political interests in students [1]
      Makerere University student leadership campaigns and their impact on the environment. Case study: posters. [1]
      Mapping Agoa fashions to the development of Nytil Textile industry in Jinja district, Uganda. [1]
      Mapping Agoa fashions to the development of Nytil Textile industry in Jinja District, Uganda. [1]
      Marketing of art products at MTSIFA (case study in and around MTSIFA). [1]
      Marketing Strategies of visual artists in Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Art. [1]
      The Media , effects on promotion, growth , and development of the fashion industry in Uganda today [1]
      Modification of bark cloth craft Arts in Buganda. [1]
      The mysteries of street children in Kampala: An investigation and Documentation through photography. [1]
      Negative impacts of western fashion(dressing) on to Buganda culture [1]
      Other forms of sculpture besides abstract within the Margret Trowel School of Industrial and Fine Arts. [1]
      Painterly inspiration from second hand shoe business in Owino Market Kampala Uganda [1]