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      Sculpture and Meaning: A case study of sculptures in and around the halls of residence in Makerere University. [1]
      Selected Monumental Sculpture in Kampala mainly a case study of Nantawetwa. [1]
      Selfie photography as a source of inspiration for the photography course [1]
      Sexualization of women in digital photography [1]
      Shisha smoking and how it may be shaped by illustrations at MTSIFA. [1]
      Sign posts for the blind people in Mengo- Kampala. [1]
      Significance of Uganda's Architecture. [1]
      Social media, the teaching and learning of Jewellery courses: a case of Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Arts [1]
      Spatial challenges of managing solid wastes generated in slums in kampala city case study of katanga slum [1]
      Spatial distribution and impact of fuel stations on traffic flow in Kampala City, A case study of Bombo road. [1]
      Stabilization of expansive soils using ELECTRIC-ARC furnace slag for subgrade construction. [1]
      Strategies for improved marketing art works from Margaret Trowel School of Industrial and Fine Arts. [1]
      Street art as a communication tool for raising awareness about Covid-19 in Kampala [1]
      Street children as a source of Visual Art. [1]
      Student intake per course: a case study of Jewelry. [1]
      Students performance towards watercolor painting at Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Art. [1]
      Students' attitude towards different drawing media at MTSIFA. [1]
      Studio exploration of the Samia cultural dances through hand woven Art works. [1]
      The study of the Gender Paradigm Shift in Weaving Practices in Busega - Lubigi [1]
      The Study of Street Art Images in fighting Covid-19 Pandemic in Uganda [1]