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      Child upbringing in Luganda peoverbs [1]
      Child upbringing in selected Luganda proverbs [1]
      A comparative study of the changing patterns of Lusoga language among the basoga between the age group of 18-29 and 30-69 years. [1]
      The Covid 19 disruption and changing religious practices in Uganda [1]
      A digital marketing strategy to create awareness about for could you? menstrual cups among makerere university female students residing in halls and hostels of residence [1]
      Ebirungi ebiri omu kushoma orunyakitara omu matendekyero makuru [1]
      The effectiveness of irony in selected Sabiny folktales [1]
      The effects of fistula on married women : A case study of Uganda village project, Iganga district [1]
      The elements of the natural landscape portrayed in langi folktales from the lango people of Notthern Uganda [1]
      English errors among students of the department of literature , english and communication, school of language literature and communication and college of humanities and social sciences [1]
      Entaaniso eri ahagati y'orunyankore n'orukiga omu bigambo [1]
      Environmental issues in selected Ganda Folktales [1]
      Enyombeka y’ amaju omu Banyankore ba Ira [1]
      An exploration of the significance of figures of speech as an intergral part of folktales: a study of the issues of child upbringing in the folktales of the Lango [1]
      The folktale in “upon this mountain” and “the marriage of Anansewa” [1]
      The impact of fake news on the media houses and the public in Uganda [1]
      Impact of language barrier on communication among selected International Students and Third Year Law students at Makerere University [1]
      The impact of social network as the main way of communication among Makerere University students: a case study of Makerere University [1]
      Irony in Runyankore selected folktales [1]
      Le taux croissant de cancer du col de l'utérus et ses mesures de contrôle mis en Ouganda: Une étude de cas de femmes assistant au traitement á L'Institut du Cancer de L'Ouganda de L'Hôpital de Mulago [1]