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      Academic performance in written English as a second language among learners at lower primary school in a UPE setting [1]
      Analysing the social-economic implications of covid-19 pandemic and recovery strategies by urban poor communities of Kampala city suburbs [1]
      Analysis of the challenges that affect the construction of English Language Sentences among second year ELS students of Makerere University [1]
      Assessment of the adequacy of the Inter University Council of East Africa Act 2009 in curbing sexual harassment : A case study of Makerere University [1]
      Assessment of the economic contribution of video Jockeying to the film sector of Kampala [1]
      Bach’s chorales as a model for composers of Catholic Church music in Kampala Archdiocese [1]
      Buddo Secondary School music and it's participation in the development of Buganda Patriotism [1]
      Causes and effects of murder to people’s right to life in Ssettala village Ssenya parish in Masaka district from August 2021 to December 2021 [1]
      Challenges Churches face in using drama for envangelisation [1]
      Challenges faced by audio producers in the music industry kampala, uganda; a case study of five selected audio producers (nessim pan production, brian beats, horace producer, producer opa code and dan magic). [1]
      Challenges faced by secondary school music teachers in teaching classroom music in Kampala district [1]
      Challenges faced by upcoming artists in recording and marketing their Music [1]
      Communication strategies in winning the Makerere University elections 2023 [1]
      Contribution of Deejays to the entertainment industry in Kampala, Uganda: case study of babaz and bamos [1]
      The contribution of female filmmakers towards the development of the Ugandan film Industry; case study, Eleanor Nabwiso [1]
      Contribution of the Department of Performing Arts and Film, Makerere University towards the development of the Uganda Police Force Band [1]
      Contributions/relevancies of cultural troupes to performingartsstudents of Makerere University in Uganda; a case study of afrique arts troupe [1]
      Depiction of domestic violence in selected Lusoga folktales [1]
      Drama as a therapeutic tool for mental health issues in Kampala [1]
      Drama as a tool of empowerment to the youths of Naguru Teenage Centre in Kampala, Uganda [1]