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      Screening of flavoring agents for use in room temperature incubated yoghurt [1]
      Semiliki Basin (Albertine Graben), Karugutu Area,Ntoroko District [1]
      Semliki Basin field study [2]
      Sizing of a centrifugal pump, at crown beverages Uganda, Pepsi cola Nakawa, Kampala [1]
      Stocking density-dependent growth and survival of nile nilapia (oreochromis niloticus) in cages at son fish farm, Buikwe district [1]
      Structural and composition changes in Kisubi Forest Fragment [1]
      Students’ attitude towards Chemistry in ordinary level secondary schools in Kampala Central division, Kampala district [1]
      A study of malaria prevalence and its vector species composition among communities in Bwembe Village, Malongo Sub-County, Mayuge District [1]
      A study on the combustion properties of a castor oil-kerosene blend for cooking purposes [1]
      A study on the technical viability of brewers spent grain as a boiler fuel [1]
      A study to improve cement quality by parameter optimization [1]
      To establish Colocassia Esculenta (Coco yam) in tissue culture [1]
      The tolerance of typha latipholia and Phragmites australis to waste water strength [1]
      Use of banana peels as an adsorbent in removal of copper from waste water [1]
      Use of pectin fibers from water hyacinth and banana peels as an anti-obesity food supplement [1]
      Using recycled cooking oil to manufacture laundry soap [1]
      Utilization of tamarind juice extract in the production of home made wine and its characterization [1]
      The value of River Waki to local communities in Butiaba Sub County, Buliisa District [1]
      Water treatment for effluents of Maganjo Grain Millers Limited [1]
      Wound healing rates of fresh and dry extracts of bidens pilosa L in rats [1]