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      Adherence and knowledge on feeding guidelines among HIV-positive mothers with infants aged 0-6 months in Iganga hospital [1]
      Assessing the Potential of Organic Wastes as Soil Amendments to Increase Water Retention [1]
      Assessing household energy consumption in Kampala city [1]
      Assessing Irrigation Suitability of Pastures in Nakasongola District Using GIS and Remote Sensing [1]
      Assessing risk factors associated with overweight and obesity among the employees of Arua Regional referral Hospital [1]
      Assessment and prediction of land use land cover changes: A case of Lake Kijanebalola watershed in Rakai district, Uganda [1]
      Assessment of Food Safety Knowledge, Attitudes and Self-reported practices of food handlers in a selected hotel in Kampala, Uganda. [1]
      Assessment of fruit and vegetable intake among corporate workers in Kampala city center, Kampala district [1]
      Assessment of Fruit and Vegetable Intake among Makerere University Undergraduate Students [1]
      Assessment of knowledge and consumption patterns of fibre rich foods among diabetic patients aged 18 years and above at kiruddu hospital [1]
      Assessment of on farm milking practices leading to milk spoilage and losses in Kabonera Sub-County Masaka - District [1]
      Assessment of storage and handling of maize grains in Kisenyi and how it affects its quality [1]
      Assessment of the knowledge, attitude and practices related to cutaneous manifestation of micronutrient deficiencies in hair, skin and nails among women aged 18-49 in greater Kampala Metropolitan Area, central Uganda [1]
      An assessment of the legume consumption patterns among Makerere University students ,Kampala, Uganda [1]
      Barriers and facilitators to weight loss among young adults aged 18-25 years undertaking weight loss programs in Makerere University [1]
      Caregivers' knowledge, attitude and practices towards management of diarrhoea among children below 5 years in Luwero district [1]
      Characteristics and acceptability of mint flavored coffee syrup [1]
      Co-digestion of water lettuce with cow dung to produce biogas [1]
      Comparative evaluation of three hermetic storage technologies on post-harvest quality of stored sorghum grains [1]
      Comparative study of the performance of rice husk bio char to sand filters in water treatment [1]