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      Earthworms (Eudrilus Eugeniae) as a potential source of proteins in poultry feeds [1]
      Economic assessment of treatment technologies for fruit and vegetable waste. [1]
      The effect of COVID-19 on the food choices and dietary patterns of adults living in Kawempe division [1]
      Effect of extraction method on the Yield and Quality of Chitosan from Crickets (Acheta Domesticus) and Grasshoppers ( Ruspolia Differens) [1]
      Effect of extraction parameters (defatting, solvent type, solvent concentration, sonication time and processing method) on total phenolics’ of the edible long-horned grasshopper Ruspolia differens [1]
      Effect of extrusion cooking and cricket flour ingredient on the sensory and functional properties of staple cereal and legume flours [1]
      Effect of extrusion feed moisture content on physico-chemical properties of sorghum cowpea composite extrudates [1]
      Effect of extrusion processing on the physical properties of protein rich snacks containing soybean (glycine max) [1]
      Effect of Extrusion Processing on the Physico-Chemical Properties of Protein Enriched Snacks Containing Ruspolia Differens (Grasshoppers) [1]
      Effect of extrusion processing on the sensory properties of protein rich snacks containing ruspolia differens (grasshoppers) [1]
      Effect of germination on the nutritional and functional properties of amaranth grains flour. [1]
      Effect of Physical Education on the Physical Activity Level of School Children Aged 8- 13 Years in Kampala district [1]
      The Effect of Post Harvest Handling Conditions on the Functional Properties of Orange Fleshed Sweet Potatoes (Impomea batatus)-Grain Amaranth (Amaranthus dubius) Porridge Flours for Lactating Mothers [1]
      Effect of postharvest handling processes on the nutrient, chemical composition and sensory properties of silver cyprinid powder [1]
      Effect of pre-gelatinized cassava flour on bread quality properties [1]
      The effect of pre-treatments on the proximate composition and microbial quality of smocked Nangnang fish (Brycinus Nurse) [1]
      Effect of processing on bioactive compounds in oyster nuts (Telfairia Pedata) [1]
      Effect of roasted tamarind seed powder on the rheological, functional and sensory properties of sweet potato flour [1]
      Effect of roasting on the sensory and quality attributes of the peanut sauce consumed in Uganda [1]
      Effect of selected post handling conditions on the microbial quality and safety of pre-heated house crickets Acheta domesticus reared under farmer's conditions [1]